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A Polynize Purpose Spotlight Show brings in the industry sponsor to explore the intersection between industry and purpose, examine the business challenges and formulate the right Problem Questions for the Campaign. Find out more about Polynize.
Purpose Spotlight Show
"Learning is for life!"
Polynize founders Marrs and Shourov play Polynize Provoke™ to explore the intersection between recruiting and education - with special guest Gary Fernandes from LevelUp.
Sponsor profile
Leading change
Gary Fernandes
With over 20+ years of experience in technology and recruiting, Gary has placed thousands of people into government and commercial organizations across Australia and the Asia Pacific.

"In this time of COVID, it can't be business as usual. We are confronting a completely changed landscape with a flood of job seekers ... we have to transform quickly, for the good of our clients and candidates. A big part of that is changing the way we think about learning and education. I'm excited to kick off this campaign to start the process of transforming our industry."
A Polynize Spark Digital Game activates a community using a mobile web platform to pitch solutions to a Problem Question and vote on each others' solutions. The highest scoring players progress to the Studio Game. Find out more about Polynize.
Spark Digital Game
"How can we change the models of recruiting and HR to encourage lifelong learning at work?"
More than ever in the post-COVID world, people in all walks of life must update their technical and professional skills to flourish in employment and entrepreneurship. How can HR professionals and recruiters play an active role in promoting learning within diverse workforces - thereby helping to achieve educational and vocational targets under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.4?
Player Votes Views Score
Anna Hua 129 488 0.398
Harvey Nillson 109 367 0.361
Mary Nonce 93 241 0.305
Sean Tillerman 92 342 0.278
Grace Chin 80 300 0.277
Resham Kallicharan 76 282 0.265
Mark Sanderson 54 272 0.211
Yash Martel 50 250 0.20
Paul Basilik 43 201 0.197
Featured pitch
Change the KPIs
Anna Hua
"We are hired based on our skills and experience but not on our ability to learn. This must change if we are to have any hope of making learning a lifelong activity. The model of resume + experience + testing for skills must now be evolved with a fourth aspect which is motivation to learn and the skill of learning how to learn."
129 votes
Ditch the resume!
Harvey Nillson
"Resumes make us look backwards and encourage a culture of holding onto the past... the resume has to go ..."
109 votes
Online course per place
Mary Nonce
"Tie up with HBS, MBS etc. - every placement into an organization comes with a free online university placement as well."
93 votes
Learning dashboard
Sean Tillerman
"A techy solution. Employees need a dashboard for their everyday learning at work, this can be created and provided by HR/recruitment ..."
92 votes
Hire the student
Grace Chin
"Recruiters should be embedded into unis in the classrooms, they have a presence. That way they get to know us even before..."
80 votes
Combine HR and Training?
Resham Kallicharan
"How come they are different anyway? Make HR and training the same function and team in the corporate structure!"
76 votes
Friday is learning day
Mark Sanderson
"The joy of learning at work! Every Friday is learning/tinkering, like Google did in the 2000s - this led to Google Maps, Google Home etc.!"
54 votes
A Polynize Solve Studio Game bring in the top players from the Spark Game into a unique casino-style tabletop game event which rapidly refines solutions and scores players for creativity, collaboration and communication. Find out more about Polynize.
Solve Studio Game
"How can we partner with universities to transform recruiting?"
The line between education and work is blurring and the old models are breaking down. As we move forward into 2021, how can we leverage our relationships with Australian universities to transform into a candidate-first organization that connects our clients with the best students?
Player Coins Silver Score
Resham Kallicharan 21 3 0.688
Anna Hua 18 1 0.510
Harvey Nillson 17 2 0.478
Grace Chin 17 1 0.478
Sean Tillerman 12 1 0.384
Mary Nonce 7 0 0.211
Game Summary
Surprising moments
A super diverse group of six players converged onto LevelUp HQ on Collins St in our first post-COVID lockdown, socially distanced studio game hosted by Gary Fernandes.

Sparks flew early on with a number of left-field pitches in the Lightning Round that threw open the floodgates of creativity. An especially engaging Fantasy Round provided plenty of raw material to craft final solutions. Six very different but compelling final pitches leaves our sponsors and investors with a difficult task!
Winner profile
The polymath
Resham Kallicharan
A graduate of Monash Business School in 2015, Resham brings a deep understanding of education into her work and keeps in touch with her professors and ex-classmates. Apart from her experience in recruiting, she has a degree in children's psychology and hosts an online podcast on digital education.
21 coins
Student speed dating
Resham Kallicharan
"To embed education you need regular interaction between university cohorts and professionals. Weekly speed dating between students and ..."
21 coins
All about events
Anna Hua
"Universities and corporate hold events in silos. As recruiters we are perfectly placed to create a series of events connecting the two ..."
18 coins
Monthly pitch days
Harvey Nillson
"A bit like Polynize, get the best students and the best workers to be selected for monthly pitch events - solving real problems!"
17 coins
Friday drinks
Grace Chin
"Friday afternoon should be the time we create magic! Faculty, staff, recruiters and company HR. Add drinks and voila!"
17 coins
Create a channel
Sean Tillerman
"We need a tech channel between corporate and unis - let's make a platform using Slack, Twilio etc. to connect them via chat... "
12 coins
Music is the bridge
Mary Nonce
"Left field, but we can connect diverse people through music. Share playlists between our HR and students, this will create the relationships that we need."
7 coins
The Campaign concludes with Polynize Select, where the sponsors and investors place a gold coin onto their chosen solutions to earn the right to exit with that player for further engagement, incubation and development. Find out more about Polynize.
Sponsor Select
"Minds blown!"
LevelUp founder Gary Fernandes reflects on a high-octane campaign that has left his recruitment community buzzing with energy and excited about future possibilities.
Player Pitch Investor
Resham Kallicharan Student speed dating LevelUp
Harvey Nillson Monthly pitch days HumanLab
Investor Summary
Unexpected outcomes
Robert Kristol from HRTech accelerator HumanLab made a last minute appearance at the Studio Game after flying in from Sydney.

In this video shot by our media partners Goodworthy, Robert explains why they invested a gold coin in Harvey Nillson and how they plan to develop his pitch day idea; their predictions for the HR and recruiting outlook post-pandemic and their plans for the 2021 cohort intake.